Techno Log

All I can say, it’s been a joyous 4 years and been through some transformations both personally and professionally — and in my view all for the better. Personal Updates […]

2011 was a rather exciting year for me, although from my posts (or lack of it), you wouldn’t have guessed that. I had the honor of my cousin (who is […]

I’ve been a Mac user since 2007 and since then I’ve become somewhat of a Apple fanboy. I was first impressed with the MacBookPro’s (MBP) sleeping indicator, the casing, the […]

Privacy vs Piracy

The recent debacle over the iPhone 4G leak and Gizmodo’s attempt to capitalize was on every tech news section the past couple of weeks. As you may have read, Gizmodo’s […]

How (not) to send Spam

A few weeks back, I got an interesting “spam” mail, see the screenshot and email text below. Here is the email: Hey, The reason that I am emailing you is […]

Google wants you to speak in Third person

Eapen gives a tip on how to write for Search Engine Optimization by writing in third person so you can have relevant keywords and allow you to truly optimize your site for search engines.