All I can say, it’s been a joyous 4 years and been through some transformations both personally and professionally — and in my view all for the better.

Personal Updates (in order of priority)
– Added my 2nd offspring
– Finished 3 half-marathons
– Transformed my wardrobe

Professional Updates (chronological)
– Became a Vim user
– Learnt a lot more about Unix & Unix tools
– Grew into a lead role
– Officially became a tech leader — and this article sums up my exact feelings on the process ( The areas I fortunately didn’t have to deal with were: Financial management/budgeting, Firing People. I am saving it below since I’ve been in that role for exactly 2 years and want to save it for posterity.
– Participated in Emerging Leadership Program
– Codepath Android course — developed a few android apps and hope to work on a few more
– Switched back to an Individual Contributor role since I really enjoying being hands-on and this seems to be the better career choice for my interest at my current place of employment

My LinkedIn profile reflects what I’ve been working on but the highlight was developing and owning the InventoryService for eBay that was initially created to store inventory at retail locations to support the “Pickup-In Store” option for eBay. This also resulted in an off-shoot product (Pick-Up/Drop-Off aka. Click & Collect) that proved to be even more successful abroad which utilizes the Location services built. The service was expanded to support Inventory Management for B2C sellers with the high performance that is required for a marketplace like eBay.

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