One of my New Year resolutions was to complete a full marathon and despite some breaks due to vacations, I was most proud of the fact that I completed the SF Marathon in 4:25. My goal was to do it in under 4:30 and was pretty happy with it. Inevitably, a bug is now in my head to try to complete it in less than 4 hrs. So, let’s see if 2017 offers that opportunity. I also managed to put in 720 miles in 2016 which is the most I’ve done in my entire life. For comparison, my previous highest was 153 miles in 2015 (133 in 2014). I also managed to cross off my bucket list goal of finishing a Half Marathon in 1:45 at the Big Sur Half-Marathon in Monterey Bay.

I am still working on improving my cadence and it’s proving to be really tough. Hopefully, the consistency and training will pay off in 2017.

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