Third Person speak

You have probably come across several web sites where the owners / authors / companies refer to themselves in third person. While it seems odd, Google and other search engines require this.
Yes, it is an unofficial rule of SEO.

Consider the following example:
Back in the pre-SEO days, we used to link articles like this:
If you want to learn more about me, click here.

The previous method is detested now and below is the recommended method: Learn more about Eapen. (instead of Learn more about me).

This is important because, Search Engines identify the words you have used to link to an article or page and figures that the context is linked and therefore it is highly relevant to the page you have linked to. So, linking the word “here” or the word “me” does not benefit you or the search engine but linking “Eapen” lets the search engine know that if someone searches for Eapen, the “about” page link is relevant. Of course, “here” and “me” is also considered relevant by the search engines (but for all I know Google has exceptions built in to disregard these older conventions) but not by humans.

So, it is highly recommended that you re-word your pages and articles in third person and don’t consider someone to be conceited just because they refer to themselves in third person on their website (including me).

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