After reading about WaveSecure via LifeHacker, I installed it but only got to try it out today and I am IMPRESSED.

Here is a brief overview of WaveSecure’s features:

  • Backup SMS
  • Backup Contacts
  • Backup Call Logs
  • Backup Media (selectively)
  • Track Location
  • Remote Lock/unlock/wipe
  • Needless to say – Restore functionality

There are a lot of apps out there that will backup the SMS, Contacts, Cal Logs for the Android but its nice to have a single application that does this and more. What blew me away with this application is the “Track Location” and “Remote Lock” feature.

WaveSecure Track Location feature

WaveSecure Track Location Feature

When you choose to “Track Location” via the website, it sends out a text message (encrypted/gobbledygook text) or MMS that seems to activate the WaveSecure application and if GPS is enabled uses that and if not uses the Wireless Tower Triangulation method to determine your location. I tried this and without the GPS enabled it found my exact location and without the GPS also it was pretty close. So, if you ever misplace your phone, you just need to visit this site and you will probably remember where you left it (in your car or at the gym). The technology that uses the SMS information is what impressed me the most!!! Now, I just wish the GPS had a 1 foot accuracy range so I could find my phone the next time it is hidden under a magazine or under some clothes so I can find it within my house instead of having to dial 5 times and hoping I can hear the phone vibrate or ring in one of the rooms.

Finally, the remote wipe allows you to wipe all your secure data of your phone (if you work for the CIA or if you are Tiger Woods and don’t want Elin to see any of the text messages/call logs when you forget your phone at home). You can easily restore the data after you recover your phone. The site also offers the option to lock your phone remotely which instructs the person who found the phone to call 911 to return the phone or if you know the secret PIN you can unlock it yourself.

It also has a “Lock & Alarm” feature which makes your phone wail (annoyingly!) and will embarrass any thief who hoped to get away with your phone. It also displays your emergency contact phone numbers (which it asks you for when you install the program) so you can call them and return the phone sooner. The next time my phone is on silent or vibrate and I cannot find it within my house, I plan on using the “wail” feature to locate it. You can also unlock the phone through the website as well.

So, if you have an Android powered device, I highly recommend WaveSecure and SlideScreen.

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