I’ve been a Mac user since 2007 and since then I’ve become somewhat of a Apple fanboy. I was first impressed with the MacBookPro’s (MBP) sleeping indicator, the casing, the magnetic power cord and just about every little feature that I wouldn’t have considered to be important prior to the switch from PCs. Seriously, every one of my past laptops external casing has formed a crack or become creaky but the MBP’s physical condition after 3 years was better than my earlier laptop conditions after 1.5 years. Granted, progress was bound to happen and the earlier plastic Macbook’s have had casing issues. I am still surprised to see Dell has plastic-like casings and are quite bulky.

I am on my second MBP now (unibody) and in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), I think the MBP works out to be cheaper than a PC. People often crib about having to pay twice the amount for a glorified machine but considering that I only used a $1200 Win Laptop for 2 years versus a $1800 Mac laptop for 3 years — the cost of ownership works out to be about the same. In terms of satisfaction, I have been more satisfied with Macs since I could still push myself to use the MBP for another couple of months whereas I was ready to throw the Win Laptop out of the window, months before the 2 years was up. Also, the ability to run Windows (via Bootcamp or via VM) along with Mac is like getting two laptops for the price of one.

Anyway, I just got back from a vacation to India and I found my old iPod Nano (which I thought I had lost) after 2 years. Here is what amazed me – I pressed the Menu button and the damn thing turned on. Correction – it didn’t just turn on, it had about 75% battery left on it. After 2 years! Let me add to that – this iPod was stored in a cupboard in a room that is not air-conditioned. Normally, heat kills off battery life/battery power (at least that’s what I’ve read). I was blown away by the fact that this iPod maintained its battery life in the heat over such a long period. Hats off to Apple! I really dont think they had emulated this test in the factories or QA department. Along with the iPod Nano, I also found my MBP remote for my first MBP and figured this thing was surely dead. But lo and behold, it worked instantly with my new MBP. No configuration needed. I am not entirely sure if that is a good thing since I could go around opening iTunes on other MBPs if I wanted to play practical jokes.

After suffering through poor battery life and months of waiting for the Android Gingerbread update to come to Samsung Galaxy S in the U.S. (which is supposed to improve the battery life), I think I am ready to switch to an iPhone – and possibly the cheaply priced iPhone 5. I kid you not, I have probably Google’d “samsung vibrant gingerbread update” at least 4 times per week over the last few months to see when an update will be released. Hopefully, Google’s purchase of Motorola will result in better hardware and quicker firmware updates.

I would also like to give a virtual shout out to Steve Jobs who just retired for being the hard-ass that he was at Apple and giving us great products. His timing on leaving when Apple was at the very top was also brilliant. If he waited for a slump, the stock would have taken a bigger hit but as always

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